bang | pure data [book + dvd pd~01]


bang | pure data | book 0.1
included with the book is the DVD pd~01
175 pages, 19 x 26 cm

ISBN-10 : 3-936000-37-9
ISBN-13 : 978-3-936000-37-5

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“I think that in the last couple of decades many artists and composers have become quite fluent at mixing audio and image production and passing controls and information between media. I think it is really the artistic community which is driving development more than Pd itself, which just happens to be a good way to realize these sort of things.”

Miller Puckette //

Pd (aka Pure Data) is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing. Pd is free software. It is subject to a constant process of change, revealing new characteristics with each application.

Is it a tool/media/instrument? Is this a question that can be answered? Is it a decision that needs to be made at all?

This publication is a compilation of texts describing different approaches to pd, a profile of its usage and development. It is contradictory, and at the end, one finds oneself with a lot of open questions, on a technical level as well as on a philosophical one.

The 1st International Pd~Convention in Graz in fall 2004 was the motivation for this book. The authors participated at this meeting, and the enclosed DVD shows some of the works that were presented at this occasion

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