Autechre MaxMSP patches


En [] han colgado algunos patchs generativos que dicen han sido creados por Autechre… y una versión para los fans de Reaktor.

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  1. Create Digital Music » Free Max Stuff: Manic Autechre Sound Creations, Downloadable for Max/MSP and Reaktor wrote:

    [...] The modular sound and multimedia environment Max/MSP has had plenty of “celebrity” users; among the better-known is the duo Autechre. Some of their newer creations have been featured in Sound on Sound, as pictured below. But via the excellent Spanish-language audiovisual blog mediateletipos, I see that a selection of creations have been reverse-engineered by some passionate fans and are available for download. One has even been ported to Reaktor: [...]

  2. chiu wrote:

    Thanks, the connection with Create Digital Music is an honor for us

  3. Filament wrote:

    Here is a video of the AE max Patch in the picture above

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